New Zealand Visa from United States

Updated on Jul 17, 2024 | New Zealand eTA

Get a New Zealand visa for US citizens, with To find out the requirements of the eTA New Zealand for Americans (USA Citizens) and the eTA NZ visa application visit the website now.

New Zealand eTA Eligibility

  • United States citizens can apply for an NZeTA
  •  United States was a launch member of the NZ eTA program
  •  American citizens enjoy fast entry using the NZ eTA program

Other New Zealand eTA Requirements

  • US citizens can apply for NZ eTA online
  • NZ eTA is valid for arrival by air and cruise ship
  • NZ eTA is for short tourist, business, transit visits
  • You must be over 18 to apply for an NZ eTA otherwise require a parent/guardian

What are requirements of New Zealand Visa from United States?

A New Zealand Visa for US citizens is required for visits of up to 90 days.

United States passport holders can enter New Zealand on New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) for a period of 90 days without obtaining a visa for New Zealand from United States, under the visa waiver program that commenced in the years 2009. Since July 2019, United States citizens require an eTA for New Zealand.

A New Zealand Visa from United States is not optional, but a mandatory requirement for all Unites States citizens traveling to the country for short stays. 

Before travelling to New Zealand, a traveller needs to ensure that the validity of the passport is at least three months past the expected departure date.

Only Australian Citizen are exempt, even Australian permanent residents are required to obtain an New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorisation (NZeTA).

How can I apply for New Zealand Visa from United States?

The New Zealand Visa for US citizens comprises an online application form that can be completed in less than five (5) minutes. It is necessary for applicants to enter personal details, their contact details, like email and address, and information on their passport page. Applicant must be in good health and should not have a criminal history. You can get more information at New Zealand eTA Application Form Guide.

After United States citizens pay the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) fees, their eTA application processing commences. NZ eTA is delivered to United States citizens via email. If additional documentation is required, the the applicant will be contact prior to approval of New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) for United States citizens.


New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) requirements for United States citizens

To enter New Zealand, United States citizens will require a valid travel document or passport in order to apply for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). United States citizens who have a passport of an additional nationality need to make sure they apply with the same passport they travel with, as the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) for New Zealand for United States citizens will be associated with the passport that was mentioned at the time of application.

Applicants will also require a valid credit or debit card or paypal account to pay the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). The fee for New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) for United States citizens covers eTA fee and tourist levy. United States citizens are also required to provide a valid email address, to receive the NZeTA in their inbox. It will be your responsibility to carefully double-check all the data entered so there are no issues with the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA), otherwise you may have to apply for another NZ eTA.

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How long can United States citizen stay on New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA)?

United States citizen's departure date must be within 3 months of arrival, or if you’re from the United Kingdom, within 6 months. Additionally, United States citizen can visit only for 6 months in a 12 month period on an NZ eTA.

United States passport holders are required to obtain a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) even for a short duration of 1 day up to 90 days. If the United States citizens intend to stay for a longer duration, then they should apply for a relevant Visa depending on their circumstances.

Travel to New Zealand from United States

Upon receiving the New Zealand Visa for US citizens, travelers will be able to either present an electronic or paper copy to present to New Zealand border and immigration.


Can United States citizens enter multiple times on New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (NZeTA)?

New Zealand Visa for US citizens is valid for multiple entries during the period of its validity. United States citizens can enter multiple times during the two year validity of the NZ eTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do travelers belonging from the United States of America need NZe­TA to visit New Zealand?

It is important to have NZeTA, before the departure date, apply for it. Otherwise you are not allowed to visit.

Can travelers from the United States obtain NZeTA on arrival?

No, even travelers with a US citizenship need to apply for NZeTA before coming to New Zealand.

Do even infants with US citizenship coming with their parents need NZeTA?

Yes, even infants traveling from a visa-waiver country need to have a NZe­TA. Even infants traveling with their parents need to have their own NZe­TA.

Is the NZe­TA valid for business purposes in New Zealand?

Yes, US citizens with NZe­TA visa have the right to attend meetings, conferences, events and other important business deals. But with the NZe­TA visa permission is not granted to work. There is another visa called a work visa, you have to apply for that if you want to work there.

What if you plan to stay even after your NZeTA gets expired?

You cannot stay more than your visa validity time frame. If you do so, you will be fined heavily, restrictions on future entries and they might even deport you. It is better to stay within the time limit provided.

Can a traveler use his/her NZeTA for trips to the­ Cook Islands or Niue?

No, you cannot travel to the Cook Islands or Niue with NZeTA. Cook Islands or Niue have their own immigration rules. You have to get a permit separately to visit this island.

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Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for New Zealand eTA. If you are from a Visa Waiver country then you can apply for an eTA regardless of the mode of travel (Air / Cruise). United States citizens, Canadian citizens, German citizens, and United Kingdom citizens can apply online for New Zealand eTA. United Kingdom residents can stay on New Zealand eTA for 6 months while others for 90 days.

Please apply for a New Zealand eTA 72 hours in advance of your flight.