Wonderful Views of Milford Sound

Updated on Jul 16, 2024 | New Zealand eTA

One of the best places in New Zealand, filled with the best kept secrets of nature, Milford Sound was once described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world. And a glimpse of these glacier carved river valleys located deep within the Fiordland National Park is no less than one gorgeous wonder of nature.

With the inland waters flowing from the Tasman Sea, spread between the green mountains located at some distance from a village of the same name, Milford Sound, the place becomes a great mix of luxury travel amidst the raw natural scenery of New Zealand. 

And being a great destination for cruise ships with rich wildlife and marine life which can be closely experienced through an underwater observatory, there would hardly be anything better left for the imagination which is prettier than these real scenes from this part of New Zealand's South Island.

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Nature Cruise

Journeying on the Tasman sea, Milford Sound nature cruises are the best way to experience the famous Stirling waterfall located within the Fiordland National Park of the South Island while observing the wildlife of the region. 

Nature cruises of Milford Sound usually extend for an hour or two, and is a must on the list of every traveller coming to New Zealand. The cruise gives a close glimpse of the gigantic waterfalls and native forest of the region. 

The spring months of October to November are a great time to explore this part of the island when the green mountain landscapes would appear all good in their original beauty.

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Hiking Trails

Being one of the richest biodiversity regions of New Zealand, a day walk through the Milfodr Sound is another great way of spending a relaxed time with nature. The trails range from easy access walks to those requiring multiple days while exploring the surroundings.  

Milford Track, located amidst waterfalls and mountain landscapes of the Fiordland National Park, one of the country’s most well-known walking trails, offers a journey extending quite a few days and is an independent way of experiencing travel. 

Although the track could be challenging in some cases, for majority people it is a doable walk in many ways, either through the help of guides or even starting off as an independent explorer. 

There is no chance of skipping this one of the most breath-taking tracks of the world, even if this several days long hiking trail is shortened to just a day walk. If you miss this, given the place’s popularity you might want to come back again for the views of these landscapes of the South Island. 

A place gifted with beautiful views, there are several other day tracks too, extending from a few minutes to a couple of hours, which in every way rejuvenates the spirit amidst nature’s gorgeous views.

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Bird’s Eye View

A sight to behold, scenic flights over the Southern Alps and the world-famous Milford Track is one memorable way of experiencing the gorgeous views of South Island. The Sutherland Falls, once believed to be the tallest waterfall of New Zealand, and the abundant rainforest cover of the region, can be best experienced through this above the ground adventure. 

Flights usually extend upto forty minutes, journeying from Queensland to Milford Sound, offering the spectacular alpine scenery and nature’s art. With rivers cascading through green mountains and a clear sky, it is impossible to get enough of this view!

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Overnight Journey

Cruise Over The Tasman Sea Cruise over the Tasman sea

For a relaxing experience extending several days, the best way to experience the surrounding scenery is to go through an overnight cruise over the Tasman sea of Milford Sound. The place’s aesthetic beauty is full of wonderful natural views of rainforest covers during the day and the silent breeze arising from the huge waterfalls at night. 

Nature cruises of the region extend from day cruises stretching almost an hour to those extending from Queensland to Milford Sound while giving amazing glimpses of surrounding forests and streams. 

For an experience of every kind, there is a cruise available suitable to various needs based on time. Experience the gorgeous side of New Zealand on a cruise extending to Fiordland with an overnight cruise on Milford Sound and get the joy of waking up to the views of river valleys shining in the morning sun. 

Considered as one of the best places on earth, it would surely be hard to miss visiting Milford Sound from a New Zealand travel itinerary, where although being a popular tourism destination in the country, a visit to this region would not be just as another people packed tourist spot. 

Rather it could easily feel as a place where most amazing secrets of nature are very well kept hidden. Surely a visit to a place full of scenery too good to handle would make you feel the luckiest to witness these gorgeous natural views up close!

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