What items can I bring to New Zealand when visiting as a tourist or on a New Zealand eTA (NZeTA)?

New Zealand restricts what you can bring to preserve its natural flora and fauna. Many items are restricted – for example, vulgar publications and dog tracking collars – you cannot get an approval to bring them to New Zeland.

You must avoid bringing agricultural items to New Zealand and at a minimum declare them.

Agricultural produce and food products

New Zealand intends to protect its biosecurity system given the background of increase in volume of trade and economic dependency. New pests and diseases affect human health and can also cause financial impact to New Zealand economy by damaging its agriculture, floral culture, production, forestry products and tourism dollars, and trade reputation and stability in international markets.

Ministry for Primary Industries requires all New Zealand visitors to declare the following items when they arrive on shore:

  • Food of any type
  • Plants or components of plants (living or dead)
  • Animals (living or dead) or their by products
  • Equipment used with animals
  • Equipment including camping gear, hiking shoes, golf clubs, and used bicycles
  • Biological specimens.