Visiting New Zealand Post Covid-19 Outbreak

Updated on May 03, 2024 | New Zealand eTA

What To Expect and what precautions Should I Take? Beginning in July 2021, New Zealand has completely opened its borders to visitors from across the world. This post-Covid travel guide to New Zealand covers every factor you need to be aware of before making travel arrangements in the coming days.

In the southwest Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a peaceful nation with a history of Mori, European, Pacific Island, and Asian immigration. The nation has a diverse population of cultures, along with stunning landscapes and rare flora and animals. It was formerly considered to be a part of the United Kingdom before the 19th century. 

The North Island also called Te Ika-a-Mui, and the South Island, also known as Te Waipounamu, are the two major islands that make up the nation. There are other smaller islands as well. The majority of the country's land area is made up of these two islands.

The islands of New Zealand surprise tourists from all over the world with their diverse landscape, which ranges from towering mountains and volcanoes to pleasant beaches and woods. There are several biospheres that have kept tourists waiting during the Covid period, with plenty of agriculture in the northern sections and flawless glaciers in the southern regions. 

Here are specifics on the warnings, activities allowed, etc., since the country has now opened its windows for visa submissions and is anticipated to open from the final week of July 2022.

New Zealand Visa (NZeTA)

New Zealand Visa Application Form now allows visitors from all nationalities to obtain New Zealand eTA (NZETA) by email without visiting New Zealand Embassy. Government of New Zealand now officially recommends New Zealand Visa or New Zealand ETA online rather than sending paper documents. You can obtain NZETA by filling out a form in under three minutes on this website. The only requirement is to have a Debit or Credit Card and email id. You do not need to send your passport for Visa stamping. If you are arriving to New Zealand by the Cruise Ship route, you should check the New Zealand ETA eligibility conditions for Cruise Ship arrival to New Zealand.

Travel Warning for New Zealand After The Covid Pandemic

Travel Warning for New Zealand After The Covid Pandemic

Travelers from all over the world have been waiting for a long time to see New Zealand's mystical landscapes, and the announcement of the nation's reopening has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among those who want to book vacations there. To ensure that all tourists travel safely, the nation has put in place severe regulations.

Commercial planes from the recognized nations will be allowed to land at New Zealand International Airport. However, the government has published a list of travelers who must deposit their immunization records:

  • A tourist who is not a New Zealander or a resident.
  • A tourist who was born in Australia but now resides in New Zealand.
  • The following travelers will not be required to provide immunization documentation:
  • A visitor with a resident class visa for New Zealand.
  • An Australian national who resides in New Zealand is a visitor.
  • Any child under the age of sixteen (16).
  • A guest who, for medical reasons, cannot get vaccinations. You must present physical or digital proof from a licensed health professional in this situation.

To create a safer atmosphere, tourists are required to be aware of the rules and abide by them. The health department of New Zealand has provided the following recommendations:

  • Face masks should be used to protect both you and others from COVID-19, especially in places with inadequate ventilation and where it is difficult to maintain physical separation.
  • If a traveler exhibits signs of COVID-19, they should be tested and placed in obligatory quarantine until the test is negative.
  • Visitors must complete the processes and upload all required papers to the internet portal.
  • After landing in New Zealand, the majority of visitors are required to get two rapid antigen tests (RATs) and be immunized.

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What Is The Ideal Season to Visit New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of those magical countries that never ceases to wow tourists with its breathtaking beauty. While diving is enjoyable all year long, if you want to experience weather with exceptional clarity and visibility, consider visiting between December and March.

How Do I Reach New Zealand?

How Do I Reach New Zealand?

Air travel is the most efficient and practical method of getting to New Zealand. On the outskirts of the nation's capital, there is a global network of connections at the New Zealand International Airport. If you are coming from India, you may take a direct or indirect flight that takes around 16 to 38 hours from Delhi or Mumbai to Auckland. Indian citizens do not need a visa to enter New Zealand, although they will still need a current passport.

Moving About In New Zealand As A Tourist

Moving About In New Zealand As A Tourist

According to the most recent information, public transportation is accessible and routinely operating for transfers throughout the nation. Public transportation is the most effective means to get about the nation. The main method of public transportation is the bus, although you may also use trains and boats.

You can choose to use a ferry if you want to travel between the islands. The North, South and other islands are connected by a large number of passenger and private ferries. In New Zealand, using the train is a fantastic opportunity to see the country and snap breathtaking views.

The following are crucial considerations to bear in mind when navigating New Zealand during Covid:

  • Tourists must attentively adhere to the operator's directions while in transit.
  • You must keep your physical distance.
  • The health guidelines established by the government must be followed by passengers flying domestically to other islands.

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Which Are The Top Locations To Visit in New Zealand For Tourism Purposes?

Which Are The Top Locations To Visit in New Zealand For Tourism Purposes?

While on vacation in New Zealand, you may explore the country's top tourist attractions, such as the Bay of Islands, Tongariro National Park, Rotorua, Auckland, Coromandel Peninsula, Queenstown, etc. Huge peaks and narrow valleys may be found at Arthur's Pass National Park. You can include it in your agenda and go exploring there. 

The North Island's Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach provide expansive views of the ocean and are great locations for beach vacations. The native Maori culture, however, is present across the entire nation.

What Are The Top Activities To Take Part In New Zealand?

What Are The Top Activities To Take Part In New Zealand?

Currently, some of the best things to partake in include bodyboarding down the huge sand dunes, sailing in the Bay of Islands, climbing the volcanic island, tasting some of the best wines, trekking to the tallest volcanic cone, kayaking around Cathedral Cove, etc. In addition to this, you may also visit the Glowworm tunnels, Hamilton Gardens, hot water beaches, and Hobbiton while maintaining your social distance while engaging in these activities.

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What Are My Top Options For Accommodation?

Regarding accommodations and lodging options, no details have been made public. Travelers can, however, stay in hotels that have received Public Health Authority certification. Make sure you have the necessary documentation in order to guarantee your safety and the prevention of virus transmission. Be vigilant about preserving personal hygiene, social distance, and physical separation.

What Are The Top Restaurants In New Zealand?

What Are The Top Restaurants In New Zealand?

All of the normal eateries, cafés, nightclubs, and bars are open. A safe environment is maintained by adhering to safety regulations. Make sure to reserve a table ahead of time if you intend to eat outside.

What To Bring During My Post-Covid Trip To New Zealand?

This post-covid travel guide to New Zealand would be lacking without a list of potential items you could require for your forthcoming vacation:

  • In case you are getting any medical treatment, make sure to bring your prescription together with your regular medications.
  • Bring a first aid kit with you.
  • Don't forget to bring extra disposable gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer.
  • To prepare for the weather, check the forecast.
  • Bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, and slippers.

Vacation Checklist: What Are Some Points To Keep In Mind During Your Trip To New Zealand?

Vacation Checklist

  • Reserve your accommodation and flights in advance.
  • Make sure you adhere to the legal requirements, then fill out the online health statement and upload the required paperwork to the official New Zealand tourist website.
  • Keep a copy of your vaccination certificate ready to present as verification when you arrive in New Zealand.

Conditions And Impacts Of Covid-19 In New Zealand:

  • Apply for a visa well in advance and include all necessary paperwork.
  • Upload the relevant files, and bring the required duplicates.
  • At the entrance points, the thermal screening will take place.
  • The traveler will need to have testing done if they exhibit any positive Covid symptoms.
  • If the test is positive, a mandatory 7-day isolation period and subsequent testing will be required.

More Travel Advice:

Before we wrap up our post-covid travel guide to New Zealand, I'd want to provide some crucial advice that might make your trip safer:

  • Wear your mask out in the open.
  • Bring extra gloves, masks, sanitizer, and disinfectants.
  • Observe social distance.
  • Aim to avoid congested regions.
  • Do some testing once you return.

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Final Word

Have a special trip with your loved ones to New Zealand by planning with us! For a relaxing and stress-free trip, do not forget to carry this post-Covid travel guide and your eTA to New Zealand close at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Post-covid New Zealand Travel Guide

Is it necessary to seclude oneself upon landing in New Zealand?

- No, self-isolation is not necessary; nevertheless, you must provide your immunization records, and quick tests will be performed when you arrive. If the findings are positive, you must quarantine for seven days.

Can I obtain a visa for New Zealand when I arrive?

- No, you must apply for the visa in advance if you are traveling to New Zealand from India.

Is it safe to travel to New Zealand in the near future?

- Yes, starting in the last week of July 2021, New Zealand is anticipated to be available to tourists. To guarantee your safety when traveling, be careful to abide by any safety precautions recommended by the authorities.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your New Zealand eTA. If you are from a Visa Waiver country then you can apply for an eTA regardless of the mode of travel (Air / Cruise). United States citizens, Canadian citizens, German citizens, and United Kingdom citizens can apply online for New Zealand eTA. United Kingdom residents can stay on New Zealand eTA for 6 months while others for 90 days.

Please apply for a New Zealand eTA 72 hours in advance of your flight.